About Us

Masters racing provides opportunities to meet and compete with a group of extraordinary individuals from all walks of life. The friendships that develop are a key benefit from participation. At many events, masters racing is a family affair, where two or three generations compete. Masters racing is highly social, and the masters are a welcoming group. Of the many reasons current masters give for getting involved, camaraderie always tops the list. Second, of course, is a love of competition!

NY Masters is one of the Eastern region divisions (see complete list of divisions below), and our members compete in division races as well as eastern regionals and the annual Phillips 66 U.S. Alpine Masters Nationals race series. NY Masters races are open to the public, requiring only an entry fee and a helmet to compete. Pre-registration is preferred, though day-of registration is possible. Regionals and nationals also require a U.S. Ski & Snowboard masters membership.


Rules and Regulations

US Masters Alpine Competition Guide

FIS Masters Alpine Rules