Two registration steps

Step 1 of 2: Pay the total cost for the races you will be attending using either Venmo or PayPal by Thursday at Midnight. (PayPal now charges us Fees, hence the reason Venmo is cheaper )

Click links below to pay:

Racer & Lift Ticket –

$75 Venmo, $78 PayPal

Racer (Member or already have a lift Ticket)-

$40 Venmo, $42 PayPal

Guest Lift Ticket –

$64 Venmo, $66 PayPal

PayPal Swain Finals Mar. 5th Ticket Options

Note: If you would like to purchase multiple tickets with PayPal please make your selection from the dropdown above and click add to cart once it opens a new tab just click the back button and select another option from the drop down.

Click to Pay for Swain w/ Venmo

Step 2 of 2: Fill out the registration

Start list:

Swain Finals March 5th 2023 GS/SL LIVE START LIST

Notes: Data is only refreshed from the form every 15 minutes, so you might not see your name on the start list right away. Start numbers and bib numbers will be posted after registration closes. 

Please help us make our races safe for every participant by wearing a mask at all times and physically distancing from others by at least 6 feet both indoors and outdoors.

New changes to registration and race day for 2021:

  • Everyone must register for each race they plan on attending. Registration will be available on this page at a later date.
  • Only online payment will be accepted (via Paypal or Venmo) to minimize contact on race day. Links will be provided below.
  • Registration will close at midnight on Thursday before each race weekend. Start lists will be posted by the morning of race day, and results will be posted online. 
  • You will have to sign a online waiver acknowledging and assuming the risks of participation (injury, death, and, now, Covid-19).
  • More to come. Please contact Jim, Tom, or Alex with questions or suggestions.